Central air conditioning and heating systems. Oil tank abandonment, removal, and installation. Burner, boiler, water heater installation or tune-ups. Using the manufacturers found on our products page we do it all. Still have questions after looking around? Call today and one of our technicians will schedule an estimate or walk-through to get you started.

AFC First

Contractor-driven, energy related home improvement lending is their primary business. Founded in 1947, their complete focus since 1999 has been assisting high-quality contractors and motivated consumers to affordably install energy related home improvements. Click their logo to learn more!

Citizens Energy Oil Heat Program

Looking for either free or severely reduced cost heating oil? Established in 1979, the citizens energy program has been working hard to provide those in need in the United States heating oil at either reduced or even no cost. To apply check out their website or call 1-877-JOE-4-OIL (1-877-563-4645) to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Central Air Conditioning

After a mild winter, this summer is set to be pretty brutal. Planning on beating the heat? Then now is the time to look into a central air conditioning system Newer systems are not only make your home more bearable, but are far more energy efficient than you would think. Let us install one for you, specifically tailored to your home's needs and size. Already have a system in place? We take care of maintenance, cleaning, and service of current systems too.You've got enough to worry about. Let your air conditioning be one less thing on that list.

This Is Your Tank On Sludge

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If the oil in your car looked like this, how soon would you bring it in to the shop? Exactly. Your burner is no different, and works best when all of its parts are clean. Tanks with too much sludge can clog oil lines and filters, leaving you without heat and hot water in the middle of winter. Don't wait! Call now to schedule a tnak replacement or line blow-out.